Keeping Classic With 70’s Style

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Tried and true, you can not go wrong with classic style.

What I love most, is taking a classic style, classic color, classic accessories, and pairing them with a trend to keep your look up to date. These neutrals work well together and has now come to be a go-to outfit when I don’t have time and standing in my closet for 15 minutes trying to decide what to wear is not an option.

Take this fringe bag for example. Fringe is a trend right now, but because of the color, I should be able to have this puppy, and use it, for quite awhile. Same with these Steve Madden platform heels and bell bottoms jeans from Madewell. The 70’s are back, and I only got these pieces maybe a few seasons ago. Low and behold, they’re baaaccck! I kept them because 1.) they’re classic colors, and 2.) they work well on the body way past the time for trends of the 70’s to go back to the vault. You know, until they come round again, and you can bet your bottom dollar they will.


So the next time you go to get rid of a trend, make sure to ask yourself three things:

1.) Is it a classic color (neutrals, black, white, blue jean, etc. Namely not any bright colors that would allude to a season. Ex: pastels.)

2.) Do you love it? Would you still wear it, even if it does got “out of style”?

3.) Can you pair it with something classic that would “tone down” it being a trendy piece?


There are times when I’ve looked in a magazine and seen their “Do’s & Don’t’s”, but I really feel like it isΒ obvious when it comes to the Don’t’s. Bottom line, do what makes you happy, and just know that going classic is never a wrong choice!


xo, Whit

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