Date Night In Green

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Not only do I love shopping in general, but I really love shopping for others. Or at least with them. Handsome was in desperate need of a breakaway from his usual button down and jeans uniform, so while his parents were in town, it made sense to take him shopping. The three of us were all too happy to pull items for him and say “just try it on!” I think we definitely came out winning.

We even had time for a little date night, and this green dress I got on sale at Topshop was a win too. To make it not so heavy, seeing as it is Spring and all, I paired it with these camel brown booties from Aldo and studded clutch from Angl. And of course, Emma made her presence known as she’s not camera shy at all.


Side step to the right…

Can you believe it’s already May?!

Last month was #30dayjourneyjournaling. How did everybody do? Looking back through my entries, it’s interesting to see how I reacted to good days and bad days, and how you move on or hold onto things. I think the strongest benefit of journaling is about learning who you are and I know I’m continuing to learn what makes me tick. Especially with acting as my profession, I’ve always been taught that you have to know and learn about yourself in order to be or play someone else. So in short, I’ll definitely keep this #30dayjourney going. It’ll be a part of my practicing 10 hrs a day like Kobe. 😉

So, as it is a new month,

May’s #30dayjourney will be…

all about getting that bikini body for laying out at the beach! Of course, I can’t really lay out too long, and applying SPF 100 every 30 minutes is a must, but I definitely want to feel good in my swimsuit. Everybody has body issues, parts we don’t like, and I really want to feel confident, who doesn’t? SO, for May, I’ll work out everyday. Eek!

I’ll post on my Instagram, what I’m doing that day if you’d like to follow along. And i’ll also have a couple guest posts from friends who are awesome athletic people as I need all the help I can get! Whoop whoop! Swimsuit season here we come!


Thanks for reading y’all and let me know if you have any workout tips!

xoxo, Whit


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